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All of our courses are online, web-based courses that are accessed through the Internet. We have 25 demo courses that are available for free access. PLEASE NOTE: Select the course below that you wish to access and click the "Launch" button for the course you wish to access to begin the demo course.

Business Skills Demos

Engaging Top Performers    NEW!

Lean Tools for Process Control in Six Sigma    NEW!

Leadership Essentials: Leading Innovation

Business Writing: How to Write Clearly and Concisely Demo

Interpersonal Communication: Communicating with Confidence

Generating Creative and Innovative Ideas: Verifying and Building on Ideas

Managing Your Career: Creating a Plan

Being an Effective Team Member

Desktop Computing Demo

Manipulating Data in Excel 2013    NEW!

Navigating, Lists, Libraries Alerts nd Document Sets in SharePoint 2013    NEW!

Microsoft Word for Mac 2011    NEW!

IT Skills Demos

CISM 2013: Information Security Governance (Part 1)    NEW!

Managing Agile Software Development    NEW!

Junior Level LPIC-1 Exam 101: Linux Package Management    NEW!

Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH) v8: Hacking and Penetration Testing    NEW!

ICND2 2.0: VLANs and Spanning-Tree    NEW!

Oracle Database 12C: Managing Security    NEW!

Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 - Core Solutions: Deployment    NEW!

CISSP 2013 Domain Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning    NEW!

Microsoft SQL Server 2012: Querying Basics and Modifying Data    NEW!

Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating to Windows 7

Planning for Windows 7 Deployment

Introducing Windows Server 2008

Communications and Security in Windows Server 2008

VoIP Technologies

Introducing Agile Software Development

If you experience any problems getting the courses to load, visit this page linked here for instructions to ensure that your browser is properly set up for the courses to work. If you continue to have problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please note that these are demo courses only and certificates of completion are not available for demo courses.

Certificates of completion are only available by completing a course from one of our many affordable paid subscriptions.

Have questions? Click here to review our Free Courses Most Frequently Asked Questions section.

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Let us help you. Whatever your profession, area of expertise, or level of proficiency, e-LearningCenter can give you ideas, tips, and solutions on how to use e-Learning to sharpen your skills and increase your knowledge.

Read our student feedback below to see what everyone is saying about e-LearningCenter's online training courses. Enjoy the demo courses! If you have any questions, please let me know.



Feedback from Actual Students

"What I love about e-LearningCenter's online training:

1. The information is easy to read. It is not long pages of information you have to weed through. You have it is easy readable chunks. I can get through a concept very easy and quickly, learning the necessary information.

2. The graphics are nice also. I am a visual person, so see the actual hardware when it is discussed, helps me remember information.

3. I especially love the short test after a concept is taught. Getting that feedback quickly lets me know how I am doing.

4. I love the navigation feature. I can navigate anywhere with in the information. I love this feature because if there is something I want to learn first, I can go right to it.."

Mary W.
A+ Candidate
Spanish Fork, Utah


"These online classes are a wonderful way for me to learn. They have been very helpful and I have been very pleased."

Sharon S.
Kansas State University


"As an instructional designer for e-learning, I was extremely impressed with the course's instructional design. I was encouraged to continue with the course (which often is not the case.) I felt (and knew through the assessments) that I was learning and gaining skills. You will be glad to know that I have had three other people want to know about your web site because they were impressed with my bragging on your courses."

Joyce Batty Elgin - Texas
VP Professional Development
American Society Training & Development


"I must admit that your courses have helped me in many ways. I am the software manager and DBA for an IT company and, as part of my duties i have to train our employees. My busy schedule didn't allow to properly prepare the topics I have to deliver; what a relief when i came across your courses! Everything was just there, waiting for me! The only thing I did was to accomodate them according to our needs. Great job guys!"

Jean-Célestin Moyongo
Montego Bay, St. James, Jamaica


"Thank you for your email to check up on my satisfaction with the free courses. I think they are great...so much so that I signed up for one of the pay subscriptions.

Last week, due to taking the Excel course, I managed to pass my MOS core Excel exam with a 97!!! I think your product is excellent and have recommended it to several people. I am also putting together a training suggestion for my company's training coordinator.

Thanks so much for your great service."

Kathleen Angus
Office Coordinator
Somera Communications
Stanhope, NJ


"I am grateful for this opportunity to take some of the free courses. Indeed, they are very didactic and well designed. The content is rich in concepts. I would recommend them to anybody wishing to acquire knowledge in a quick but solid way, on these multimedia topics."

Paul Freund
Barquisimeto, Venezuela


"I have used the e-LearningCenter's TCP/IP course and found it to be very well laid out and easy to understand. I am currently work with the SQL courses to finish my electives for MCSE. I will be talking the test the end of May and with the help of your CBT and books I feel confident I'll pass.

The SQL courses are easy to follow and explain concepts quite well. I especially love the ability to do on-hands interaction with the CBT. This helps reinforce what you have read and learned.

I have really enjoyed the courses I have taken through e-LearningCenter so far. They are time consuming, but one must realize that gaining knowledge doesn't take a few hours (like some of the other ones I have used).

In comparison, your courses are an exceptional value. I have taken several courses over the Net which cost in the range of $1000 to $1500. I have been very satisfied with what I have seen and used at e-LearningCenter.

It has helped me tremendously in understanding SQL syntax and many of the commands. Thanks for making CBT easy enough for beginners, yet complex enough to challenge us IT professionals..."

Cyndie L., MCP/MCT
Delaware, Ohio


"I was searching and looking for online training that could keep my attention and one that I enjoy learning. I found it! Out of all the web sites (on-line training), e-LearningCenter is the most attractive and enjoyable one that I have seen.

I just completed the free Excel 2000 MOS and was amazed by how it works. I could not believe it was free! This will definitely catch one's attention. I will be sending in a payment soon to order a full package including Word, PowerPoint, Access, etc.

It is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Beverly Perkins
Roswell, Georgia


"On the 6th I signed up for your "Technical Web Development" courses. As of now I have completed & certified in two of the courses !!!!!!! :o) I think that you guys have a GREAT website with VERY good prices.

I am very happy that I stumbled across your site & once I master the courses that I am taking at this time, I will be taking others & hope to get my Microsoft Certifications through your website!! Thank You for a GREAT product!"

Joe R. Webb
Ore City,Texas


" I am enjoying learning as much as I will earning an income later on. I was a 65 year old computer illiterate until I bought a Gateway2000 2 years ago. I am just thrilled to know that a person my age can still learn. I have spent my life raising my 2 children and now they are raising theirs and I had a lot of time on my hands and stayed sick a lot so I really needed this opportunity to stretch my world. I am loving every minute of it.

I am getting ready to put up my web site and do some business for Nutrition for Life. Thanks for the Opportunity, I would be delighted to have my name and City and State and whatever you can use of my letter to help some of my fellow Senior Citizens learn something to talk about except their aches and pains and pills.

This would be good for them, to use their minds. I love it!!"

Martha Stewart
Athens, Alabama


" I took a look at your free courses. I also have researched for the last couple of weeks to get the best price and the best type of training. I chose your company. I like the way your courses are set up. They are simple and to the point. I'm sure that as I dig into your courses this coming year, that I will enjoy the learning experience.

Thank You!"

Dennis A. Crumrin
MasterBrand Cabinets. Inc
Arthur, Illinois


" Thanks for setting up this company. I do enjoy the free e-classes and I am very impressed with the site. I am looking at my budget to see how I can fit the year long all access course into both my funds and schedule. It is a great service at a great price!"

Aurora (jazzmouth) Robinson


"I took one of your free online classes and was so excited. Wonderful content presented in a way I can get it. I signed up for your web package immediately. I love the product and the price. I'm REALLY glad I found you site."

Joy Castle


"I have to say that I've learned a lot so far from the UNIX courses. I use UNIX a lot in my work, but up until February of this year had never done much with UNIX and have had to learn on the job as I go. These courses will help me to fulfill the goals that I have for my next evaluation!"

Linda Ryan


"The classes simple to use, gratifying (the small units and intermittent tests show me I'm moving forward and learning), and I think the graphics and overall set up is excellent. The graphics add to the classes, but are not distracting or too much, and the backgrounds are perfect; they give an excellent contrast and make each page look rich. Impressive stuff!"

S. Ratcliffe, Iowa


"I find the these courses very challenging and very intresting. I have learned a lot more than I expected to from these courses. I feel my money has been well spent. I am sure glad I found your site and have recommened it to many others.

I am a Tech and Programmer for a Corportion and I use these training classes to refresh my knowledge and to show me the areas that I need to study. I have tried several other training sites only to be disappointed. I like the fact that the Learning Center is available anytime.

You have designed a great site and continue to make improvements. Keep up the great work!"

Carol H. - Carson City, NV


"Scott, you guys are great! I am already impressed with your prompt and personal customer service.

I am going to sign up for your Web Development series. Having been laid off from BMC Software several weeks ago as Community Relations Manager, I have decided to return to my former career as a developer but my skills have gone down the tubes. I stumbled upon your website and it is perfect for what I am looking for. Cost wise it's reasonable due to my situation and time wise I can log in and out whenever I want which comes in handy when you are trying to set interviews up ...

Again thank you and I truly appreciate your response! :-) "

Raegan Hill
Houston, Texas


"I have really enjoyed the online training courses that I am using. I have found the courses to be very useful and interesting. I have learned alot from the sections that I have completed and I would recommend it to anyone."

Jill B. - Jackson, MI


" I was amazed by your site. It is more than fantastic and very very useful. I will make sure that all my friends and colleagues at work know about it. I will always check your site for courses that is related to my field."

Mona Safwat


"The courses have given me an opportunity to expand my knowledge in several technical areas. Examples are the UNIX operating system and Oracle database. A specific goal of mine was reached, aided by completion of the appropriate on-line courses.

This month I took the Microsoft test and received my certification as a Microsoft Office User Specialist Expert for MS Access. You could say that makes me a MOS E. Humor aside, this certification validates my understanding of this application and adds to the arsenal of tools I can use in support of customers."

Nick S.


"It is great at work, or anytime you are busy, because I can leave it open all day, and look at it when I get time. It sure helps, and there is loads of good information. I use it as a refresher and focuser. For the money, the very best I've seen."

Andrew R. Koluch, MCSE, CNA, MCP+ Internet
St. Peters, Missouri


"e-LearningCenter's online training is informative and challenging within itself, but the one-on-one support that the Sampsons offer their students is invaluable. Students - prospective as well as active - get prompt, down-to-earth responses to questions ranging from the lessons themselves to joining the workforce to starting a business in their selected vocation.

This is the perfect choice for anyone continuing education after the tassle is moved."

Carole Anne, Web Designer
Cleveland, North Carolina


"I really appreciate your help. In fact, I am very happy with my courses. I feel that I'm learning a lot of things that I don't learn at college. As an MIS major, this is very important to me. However, now I am happier than before because I have found a serious company that provides a great service to customers."

"Not only the courses are top class, but the fast response to solve the problem with my credit card showed me that you care about your customers. This is very rare in other companies. From now on, I will refer e-LearningCenter to all my friends."

Iraitiel Suazo, Panama


"e-LearningCenter's classes present an exceptional way to educate oneself on any number of technical or practical computer and business topics. Each unit is thorough, easy to understand and is equivalant in content and quality to many of the accredited technical college courses being offered by well-known institutions over the internet."

"I would highly recommend your courses to anyone who has the discipline to take an independent learning class. Each topic is broken into smaller units, and the units are sprinkled with questions. This format is simple to use and gratifying as it shows me I'm advancing and gaining knowledge rapidly.

With the one-year unlimited subscription, and with classes being added regularly, it is exciting to know that what I can learn is limited only to how often I want to be taught! Thanks Scott!"

Sarah R., Iowa


"I have and will continue to enjoy the courses. They are comprehensive and fun at the same time. I really like the simulations.

The reviews, and skill assesments are a great way to find out your learning comprehension as well. Keep the great work and thanks for the LOW prices on course packs."

Jonathan Danish
Houston, Texas


"... I'll admit I was skeptical at first about the quality of courses. I have tried other on-line learning solutions and been quite disappointed -- until I tried e-learningcenter's trial course.

I have only been a student at e-LearningCenter for a few weeks. And, much to my delight, I have been able to begin creating a credible record of education and my employer has agreed to reimburse me for expanding my membership to include courses relative to my work. How cool is that!?

As a bonus, no books to drag in my luggage and I can acces my courses from any location I travel to. So, no classes or tests to miss!"

"...The XML course included in my pack has cleared the mud. It has also restored my confidence that XML is not beyond my reach ... Plus, I have a multitude of other courses to choose from. How cool is that!?

Thanks again for the outstanding product!"

Brian Bochicchio
Quincy, Illinois


"I found the course I took on Beginners HTML fun and rewarding, I just got my own domain name and hosting package, and decided to put up a page...

Thanks for the free courses, I would recomend them to anyone, they are easy to follow, informative and helpful. Perhaps my new business will do well enough to enable me to move into more advanced studies."

Dave Darnell


" Scott, I love the way that your program is set up - and it is very user or student friendly. It is easy to understand and if you have questions, all are answered in quick time and comprehendible."

Alberta Stanfield


"I have enjoyed taking your online classes very much. The price for what you get is great, and the material is easily understood. I plan to take more classes in the future. This is the best online classes I have found on the internet. Thank you!"

Sharon Smith
Aligent Technologies


"The courses I took online were great. I use the courses as a refresher. I had just started a new job at a mortgage bank and needed a math and English refreshment. As I started the courses, everything that I had learned in school started coming back to me."

"Everything was easy to understand and if I did not get it, I could go back to it. I like the way the courses are presented. At the time I started the courses, I had just been on my job about a month. It is now 7 months later and I am able to understand more about my job because of your courses."

"I have been trying to get people I know to sign up, so that they can further their education without having to sit in a classroom and listen to a teacher. Best of all, you can go at your own pace. It was great and I will be signing up for more classes in the very near future.

Thanks so much!"

Teresa Singleton


"Hello, thanks for your e-mail, and yes, I really like these courses. They are great! I really learned how to use the HTML language, it's really great!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! These courses are the most useful thing I have ever found on the web! I'll keep taking them because I really like this stuff!"

Yimara - Panamá


"To be honest, Scott, I have no doubt that I will achieve my goals very soon. Your courses are excellent, simple to understand and very interactive. The courses are so useful that I found testing myself on sample exam questions from different applications very smooth and easy. I plan to take the exams next month. I will be happy to share the good news with you.

Good job and keep it up."

Ali Kargbo


" Your courses are absolutely GREAT! I am so glad I signed up. I have been telling people about them. This is a wonderful way to learn software and for me to prepare for MOS testing."



I have found your courses to be very helpful. I like the comprehensive way in which you have the tutorials set up with teaching, periodic quizzes, simulations, and an opportunity to see your scores and work on weak areas.

I am enjoying the tutorials. I don't get as much time to work on them as I would like. So, I'm glad that the subscription is for a year. That gives me time to work the lessons into my schedule. I definitely feel like I'm getting my money's worth!

Feel free to use any of my comments. I would recommend your courses to anyone. As a matter of fact, please add to my comments that I was very impressed with your customer service. The gentleman that helped me was not only helpful, but continually followed up with me until the problem was solved (with the simulations running on my computer).

Kelly Hammerle


"Even the free courses contained within are a Goldmine of CBT. Thank you very much for your generosity. Just the free courses available are every bit worth my time!

Also, it is my personal and professional opinion that even the Pay Per View Courses are well within the financial range of the Blue Collar Tech, and of such quality to be every bit worth the asking price.

What a well layed out design! I do alot of "Data Mining" to find "Freebie Educational Jewels", because I cannot afford to purchase "Industry Training", much less airfare and Per Diem costs associated with.

When I "Stumbled across your link, I was hesistant to invest the time to "Mine" this particular site. Glad I did! I discovered a low cost alternative to similiar training @ e-learningcenter.com that does not require Travel and or Per Diem expenses and competes with Industry Training Seminar costs.

Whats the difference? I save time, money, and I never have to leave my office or living room.

With a mission statement similiar to my own, "Quality First, Quantity Second", I look forward to new additions to your catalogue, especially in the Telcom and I.T. sectors.

Thanx a bunch folks and keep up the good work. Excellent C.B.T."

Darryl Humphrey - Washington
Certified Wa. State Electrical Administrator


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